About Us


My name is Lynda M Lacroix and I live on a seven acre homestead in the Ozark Mountains of Missouri called “Belle Manor Farms.” I live by organic means and use environmentally safe products on my small farm within a limited budget.

Belle Manor Farms raises several endangered or threatened heritage breeds along with others that fit into the dream of a self-sustainable lifestyle. Dexter Cattle; Quarter horses; Embden Geese; Royal Palm turkeys; Shetland Sheep; Laying Chickens for eggs; NZ/Flemish cross Rabbits for meat/pelts; Nigerian Dwarf goats for brush removal and Nubian/Alpine goats for milk; Cortournix Quail for eggs/meat. All live in harmony (most of the time) along with her six dogs.

Belle Manor Farms is trying to help show the way back to basics by becoming a self-sufficient farm that will one day be close to off the grid using a combination of solar, wind power, and other alternative energy sources. Join me in making tomorrow a better day for all of us using environmentally safe alternative sources of energy.

One of my passions is writing and I am an accomplished writer with over 40 years working in areas of homesteading, animal husbandry, and conservation. I am an avid homesteader and conservationist as well as a Wildlife Biologist. It is my belief that we live in a time that neighbor must look after neighbor. No longer can each person go through the day thinking of themselves first. Everything a person does effects someone else and now is the time to start thinking about the consequences of our actions.

In the future I hope to install alternative energy sources and with the help of solar panels and wind turbins the small farm will become closer to living entirely off the grid and being 100% self sufficient in energy needs. If you add to that the use of organic greenhouses, both natural and hydroponic, to produce organic vegetables then the trips to the local supermarkets will be few and far between. The farm also includes a growing orchard and vineyards for fresh fruit.

Please feel free to make comments on the posts at any time and you may contact me at calamitybrandybelle@yahoo.com.