Dexter Calves

Dexters 003
The herd is growing! Annabelle gave birth to another calf Monday September 27th and she is a little beauty. This little heifer was up and chasing after mama in short order. She appears to be a little camera shy for now and the herd is in a pasture that was stockpiled for the winter, so she is able to hide in the grass really well.

Annabelle is a great mom and has plenty of milk for her new little girl. She did come up to eat with the others today leaving her baby hidden in the grass somewhere, but it shouldn’t be too long before the calf can keep up with mama to make the trip up for feeding. Both Annabelle and Mannie are duns so it was no surprise to see a dun calf but a pleasure to see a dun heifer.

Betty and Mary Lou are due pretty soon, but I think Betty’s calf will be born first. Both of these are 2 year old heifers and this will be their first calf. I can’t wait to see what they are but as long as the girls don’t have any problems and the calves are healthy I’ll be happy.
Follow along and I’ll try to keep you updated on Annabelle’s Hope and her progress.

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