Bourbon Red Turkey Poults

We have 5 new bourbon red turkey poults that were recently hatched. The poults were set up in a brooder for awhile and are now ready to move into a larger cage without a heat source. They are quite personable and tame compared to most poultry babies.

It is my hope by raising these beautiful birds to increase their numbers and help the breed. Most of the offspring from these birds will be offered up for sale to others wishing to do the same. I may sell some of the eggs for those wishing to hatch their own, but I will probably let Mother Nature and the hens raise some of the poults too.

The holidays will shine with a smaller turkey, but one raised for some other reason than greed and profit. The big breasted white turkeys the average family dines on were genetically bred for specific human needs without thought to the species themselves.

I am proud to raise heritage breeds on the farm and I hope to encourage anyone out there thinking of raising turkeys to do so as well.

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