Fresh Herbs From Your Garden

Today we don’t know where our food comes from or how it is handled. We don’t know what chemicals it has been treated with. Many people are going back to basics and starting their own gardens. Growing your own herbs is the best way to have a good variety or organically grown fresh herbs. Not only will you have them conveniently at your fingertips, but you will reduce your carbon footprint since they aren’t being trucked in to you.

Herbs can be found in flower beds, along walkways or in pots on the porch. Many gardeners are finding new ways to incorporate herbs into their garden beds and their container gardens.

We will also be showing you ways in the future to grow herbs hydroponically. There are many ways to incorporate fresh herbs into your lifestyle so just be creative. Your herbs and spices don’t have to come from those little bottles or cans you have sitting on the shelf and you would be amazed at the difference it will make in the flavor of your food.

If you don’t think you have a green thumb, don’t feel you want to take the time, or just don’t want to grow your own, try to shop your local farmer’s market. Not only will you find a wide variety of fresh herbs, fruit, and produce, but you will also be supporting your local economy and farmers.

Many gardeners are unaware of the beauty of flowering herbs and never consider planting them within their flower beds. Some herbs that have beautiful flowers are purple coneflower, catmint, bee balm, yarrow, pinks, lavender, pot marigold, borage, feverfew, and nasturtium which is particularly lovely in fresh salads.

Another area to consider is to use herbs as ground cover. The herbs that are suitable to this are the low growing oregano, chamomile, woolly and other creeping thyme, mint, and rosemary. Many other herbs, such as parsley are excellent next to flowers of all sorts because of their spectacular foliage. When planting red or blue flowers, place purple basil around them for an artful arrangement. Not only will it look pretty but it will be absolutely fragrant.

One of the best ways I have grown herbs is in containers. The beauty of a container garden is that it is portable and can be changed at a moments’ whim. When there is no more room in your garden, start a container garden which you can place on your door step or patio. Use them to fill in bare spots that come up during the gardening season or put them on a sunny window sill in your home for easy harvesting. Best of all, you can bring your herb containers inside over the winter months and continue to harvest for months to add to your tasty meals or to be used for medicinal purposes.

If you haven’t tried using fresh herbs, you should. Besides bringing out the flavor in your foods, they add more fresh nutrition to your table and then there is the satisfaction that you grew them yourself. Herbs also have medicinal value and are used in other applications such as bath salts or soaps.

You may find you will open up a whole new world to explore just by adding herbs to your gardening experience. Herbs can be grown easily and inexpensively helping you to become more self-sufficient. The extra you grow can be shared with family and friends or maybe you might find a local niche at your farmer’s market for your herbs.

Growing your own herbs is just another way to reduce your carbon footprint, become more self-sufficient, improve the quality of your life, and protect our environment all at the same time.

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